“What good is the best cheese without a good baguette?” Little Sister/Anon

We are very proud to offer the beautiful work of our lovely friends at North Street Store, Cottesloe.

This bread will have you reeling. Perfect crunch. Lovely stretch. And most beautiful eyes. Just the most.

Perfect accompaniment to cheese, to charcuterie…to life!

Baked and delivered warm from the oven daily, along with their famous cinnamon scrolls to Little Sister:

  • Baguette
  • Cottesloe Sour
  • Italian White
  • Ancient Grain
  • Fougasse


Our ‘Grab and go’ grocery offers a tremendous selection of local and internationally sourced produce. Available pre-packaged and by weight.

Cheese larder/dairy

From the humble fresh locally made mozzarella and burrata and our extensive range of Western Australian artisan cheese, to our international range of cheese classics.

Here are just some of our staples: mighty cheddars, French blues, comté, gruyere, Parmigiano Reggianno, pecorino, cacciota, haloumi, feta, quark, goat curd and more.

And not to mention butter…. we’ve got butter for days …


Finest sourced local and international artisanal charcuterie range to fill your fridge and picnic basket. Free range ham, bacon, prosciutto , pancetta, chorizo, morcilla, speck, salami, mortadella and pastrami. We also supply the best available range of patés, rillete and terrines. Both locally and internationally sourced.

We endeavour to stock free range, chemical nitrate free and ethically produced products.


All our favourites and yours. From a table for one to a grazing board for 100, we’ve got you covered. Olives, antipasti, pickle, caperberries, eggplant, dips, pesto, sauerkraut, olive oil and much more.

Things for cheese

All the things you need to highlight and amplify the flavours of your favourite cheese and charcuterie. Honey, jam, pickle and relish.

Crackers and crisps

What good is the perfect cheese without the perfect accompaniment? Made locally and our favourite British, Spanish, and Italian classics. Hand made crackers, lavosh, crisp breads and the perfect baguette from North Street Store Bakery.

From the sea

We offer a splendid range of lovingly cured, smoked, marinated, pickled, salted and tinned salted and tinned seafood. From our perfect Freo sardines and octopus, fresh cured and smoked salmon from South Australia, to delicatessen staples North Sea Baccalau, salted anchovy and sardines from Italy.

And our beloved tinned fish from Portugal, Italy, Spain, Australia.