We are very proud to offer our beautifully curated selection of finest European charcuterie by the slice.


From the lovingly cured Italians; Proscuitto di Parma and Proscuitto di San Daniele, Culatello hand strung and matured up to 24 months, to the nutty sweet deliciousness of Spanish classic jamon serrano, cured and matured for up to 18 months.


Our range of traditional French, Spanish, Basque, Portuguese, and Italian salami will inspire. Cured slowly by their makers, so that they may develop their full flavours and texture. Heavenly for your charcuterie board.

Our extensive selection of salami is European in inspiration and made by artisan salami makers and includes – saussicon, casareccio, cacciatore, longoneza, chorizo seco, morcilla, Salami Milano, Salami Finochiotini, Salami Calabrese, Salchi Bosque and more.

Others available by the slice

Our selection of traditional charcuterie include classics, locally made and delicious.

Free range ham, mortadella, guanciale, speck, Capo Collo, bresaola, New York-style pastrami, pancetta, sopressa and many more favourites .

Where possible our range uses natural casings, are gluten free and use minimal chemical nitrates

Christmas hams

Little Sister is proud to offer our beautiful free range Christmas hams. Using ethically produced free range pork from Plantagenet Pork, Western Australia, these grain/corn fed hams are brined in a delicate tea, and slowly cured to develop full flavours and succulent texture. Perfect for your Christmas table.

Our traditional hams are available on the bone, by the full ham or half ham.

Please secure your Christmas ham by pre-ordering online or instore.

Christmas hams are available for pick-up the first week of December.

Please note

Little Sister offers a larger range of free range Christmas hams that are locally sourced, nitrate free, boneless, and ready glazed, instore for pre-order.

Please contact us direct on 08 9433 2201 or visit the store to learn more about your Christmas ham options.