Cheese is a tremendous pleasure for us all – but with it comes a little duty of care so that this lovely natural product retains its flavours and integrity as long as possible once it reaches your home and onto your cheese board.

Just so you know

Little Sister Delicatessen fresh cuts and wraps its cheese, from the wheel, to order, every time. Keeping a cheese wheel intact, as part of its larger self, goes a long way to ensuring the quality of cheese & keeping its flavours vibrant for longer. It also means you can order as much as you desire.

Our cheese paper is designed to keep your cheese protected and safe, providing a perfectly sealed parcel. Keeping your cheese healthy and happy.

Here are some tips to improve the life of your cheese once it reaches your fridge at home.

Endeavour to store your cheese between 1–4 °C.

Location, location
If you can, store your precious cheese in the vegetable drawer of your fridge, in a clean airtight container.

This area of your fridge is not super cold and is a little higher in humidity, which is perfect for your cheese and will help prevent your cheese from losing its vibrancy.

How to protect your cheese for longer?
If you are planning to keep your cheese for a while try to rewrap it frequently (every 3–4 days) and clean your container while you are there. Will add immeasurably to cheese life.

Try not place your cheese next to smellier fresh food items such as fish, onions, meat, garlic etc. These items can potentially change the flavour profile of your cheese and escalate its deterioration.

Love that face
Semi-hard and hard cheese may develop ‘white bloom’ on its ‘face’ or paste. This is a harmless mould and indicates your cheese is healthy but needs a little love. It is easy to ‘Love that Face’ by gently scraping away with the sharp edge of your knife.

When good things go bad
Yes, cheese can be wafty and funky and unctuous but just because its stinking up the fridge doesn’t mean it’s gone bad.

After all the cultures that make cheese wafty, are healthy and make the endless exciting range of cheese possible.

That beautiful wooft you may encounter when you open your fridge is a good thing … YUM!

When it’s bad

  • Your nose will fill with acrid sour notes of ammonia. Quite horrid and distinctively so.
  • Your cheese may appear slimy and discoloured, patchy – super bad.

And it’s definitely means your cheese is passed the post and it’s time to say goodbye and discard.

A very sad tale indeed

The greatest care instruction we could give, is to implore you to eat your cheese sooner rather than later. Fresh cut cheese, and those most perfectly ripe, will always be the most delicious.

So don’t let it linger, crack a bottle, gather your friends and enjoy!


Little Sister